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Poto CleanSA Water sanitations systems

Poto CleanSA Water sanitations systems
What is the Summary about POTOCLEAN SA ?

John M Riggs of Cape Town is the current southern African promoter of this German technology product and systems

XenMed is a manufacturer of a Water-Disinfection-System, which uses a self-developed and self-constructed system via a diaphragmatic cell.

Our Water-Disinfection-System produces a liquid, called PotoClean, only needing two resources, salt and water.

Since February 2007, the method was approved under the DVGW working paper No. W229; the liquid PotoClean was approved as well and is compatible in the EU within the required standards of DIN EN 901, Table 1, Article 11 on potable water instructions.

The patent protecting the Intellectual Property and our industrial secrets was pending and then subsequently withdrawn prior to publication.

The secret of PotoClean is the high redox potential of more than 1200mV, about 70% of its effectiveness. Micro-organism like germs are eliminated by the voltage, and not through chemical means.

The PotoClean System sustains the high redox potential while admixing PotoClean with a dilution ratio from 1:100 up to 1:1000; irrespective of the water system itself, such as a water reservoir or the potable water system of a hospital.

Cleaning the water conduit needs a ratio of 1:100, depending on the water contamination. Similarly, PotoClean absorbs and removes the biofilm within the water pipes.

The absolute advantage of PotoClean is its cost-efficiency (10 L less than 1 ZAR) and eco friendliness (water, salt and 180W) for the production of 50 L of PotoClean.

PotoClean Liquid can be used for surface disinfection as well.

Possible Partnership:

The marketing and sales of the PotoClean system will be arranged together with the partner; the clients will buy the system to produce PotoClean on their own.

Together as partners, we will produce and market the PotoClean Liquid only.

A combination of the above, according to the local standards and demands.

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